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Attention All ReplicaBlack Members and Website Visitors!

We know many of you have likely seen horrific things written / posted about us online – Sadly all these statements are designed specifically to scare away clients from us as no competitor can compare in product quality and support programs surrounding your investment in a card with us that others leave you with no options but to buy a new card at full price if anything ever changes on your original card or you get issued a new one.. Our ability to manufacture from raw metal to completed card in the exact manner as the genuine card – has taken us YEARS of hard work and savings to be able to even afford the machinery to accomplish this. The same Machinery used in creating the hand-crafted Centurion Cards by the Centurion Division’s master Craftsmen.  The reality is, a savvy competitor that knows how to post from various locations via VPN and is sadly able to often outrank our site due to the limitations on our keyworks we are able to use such that a website made by said competitor mimicking ours with words like “scam” included in the name are all a tactic that doesn’t just harm our business but You The Customer as well – As sadly, those who don’t end up ordering with us and receive a card that works fully in every way and has perfect authenticity that our members are proud to use and own – When that process is disrupted and they are able to scare you away – it means that they successfully divert you to sub-standard cards that maybe in one photograph look okay but if you have ver held a real card or try to use any other producers card in chip payments and for swipes etc the results are often horrific with chips that they arent even capable of setting flush – and ink applied to the surface of the card to achieve a very Fake watermarking.   In the end it is bad for the community as a whole for every one of those people that doesn’t ASK US To PROVE OURSELVES IF YOU ARE AT ALL CONCEREND (Which is the one weapon no matter how much false information is spread out there they cannot silence as we can prove our abilities to you and not put you in any form of risk when ordering – if we are prepared to show you your card featuring your name etc. on it why on earth would we then not follow through? Theres no reason – Its why we have been the world leader in this field for approaching a decade now and that legacy doesn’t happen if even the slightest aspect of these false claims were true – We only conduct the most ethical business practices and Deliver On your Orders as that’s why we are here!)

Please note – The party responsible for these Libel statements and slander will be charged for monetary damages and punitive damages to our good name for the spreading of this false information he obtained while posing as a client only to discover when it was time to ship his card to him the address was invalid and he revealed the purpose of his order was to learn about us as to create damage for us and every one of our members that Sadly rely on us not being burdened down by these cheap attacks and tactics used to harm us and slow down our duties to them they rely on every day to supply them with replacement cards when they are in need, and always be here for them and new referrals that they wish to share the joy and life changing experiences that ownership of a Centurion Black card can have one your life – How many doors it opens and how your everyday social life is completely changed once you wield one of our Replicas that is as good as holding the genuine card. If you would be happy to receive a genuine card, we know you will love our product.


Please question us, give us the chance to refute and disprove these awful tactics used by low-life internet trolls that cant compete head to head and have to resort to such sad tactics to win a few orders away from us sadly depriving the very people they lead to believe are making the right choice into being stuck with an awful card. Please always feel free to ask us whatever it may be that may have you concerned as only by being silent and not informed can they lead you astray into purchasing a regrettable card versus one that lasts and never disappoints from us here.  

Please also realize all centurion cards are metal and embossed and never have any ink on the surface of the card. They never feature your information laser etched or printed flat (Besides the CID number) They don’t have the capability to correctly emboss the metal as Amex does and simply say “it’s the way they are doing them now” as the means to sell you the chump garbage that’s all they are able to produce. Please don’t fall for it as sadly even if you do chose another producer it only further weakens your belief in if there ever is a truly perfect and fully working replica card out there – YES THERE IS, WE PROVIDE IT. And when you get suckered into these horrid tactics they use to scare you away and never even question us AS WE WANT YOU TO – That’s how we can fight back against false information online spread for a single purpose – to have a chance at competing against us as they cannot do it by quality and durability of their cards and in the end if you end up with a card from another provider it just diminishes your spirits and often times before you can order one that would show you this really is possible Afterall – sadly by then most believe that their bad experience with the very people stating lies about us, means that that’s all there is out there.


We want you to ask us anything that concerns you don’t just arbitrarily turn away believing whatever is written on the internet by those without the means we have to actually sell products of our quality. Don’t get discouraged ever – a completely Realistic fully functional card IS POSSIBLE TO OWN and does profoundly impact your life. It’s hard for our members to ever remember the day they would leave home without their Black Cards and we hope that you are able to see past these cheap tactics and at least hear from us and don’t take everything on the internet as truth without proof – While they can’t back up their claims – WE CAN BACK UP OURS, and that’s something they can never take from us lie all they want.    Please see through it and realize you can ask us, and we can prove ourselves to you.  We are sorry that people of such low integrity exist out there online as to even need this landing page message, but sadly there are those that can’t match nearly a decade of experience and the world’s most perfect replica and want to make money in this field they arent deserving of by trickery and cutting corners. Stick with those who actually lead the world in this field, stick by those who can back up our claims, who can show you quality that no one else can.   

Trust in us so we can better serve you – This many years in business its hard to see so many people go astray and get suckered in by the very people who claim to have the highground by spreading false information about us around when the irony is the type of people that stoop to such low tackics are exactly the ones that are the genuine scammers – They have to be as we are too well established and our products too well made.   So, give us a moment of your time and ASK us about things that concern you so that we may address those fears prove them wrong and finally get past all of this to making happy clients every day and changing lives around the world as we love to do.

Many thanks all who took the time to read this important message.

-ReplicaBlack Team


Request design proof for your custom card. Next day Email results!* 


*For Visa Black Cards - 2-3 days if approved for ability to place order payment and us spend the time on the much more advanced now Amex Card Types that too many fake competiors or fake customers will ask for and have our craftsmen spend a full day of pay and resources making it that is far far more expensive than anything fromt he past now that they are built in such a perfected way.   Must contact us after placing the order for one proof of a Centurionn Amex Card (No Payment Required at checkout - simply arranged latter if we deem you a serious valid customer with a true need to see the priduct customized to your name to help combat the many false rumors out there about us we do wish to disprove as all orders are completed - And to prove this nothing is better than seeing the card form with your name and info on it so you can be assured to pay the remaining balance and have it completed by the time your card arrives to us in the mail if you choses the full on order. There is no point in us spending this much time if we find that you are a serious client (please text as at contact number below on footer about this and email) for us to waste a card that cant be sold to anyone butyou then with your peronal information as proof we are legitimate to simply not ship it - it makes no sense of course this is a great means of eliminating any doubt you may have and letting us prove ourselves to you if accepted for the Product Proof for cards other than the Visa which is always granted - We actually removed the baility to even have a product proof made for the others as they are too time consuming and expensive to pay staff etc compared to in the past. But have nrought them back to help combat lies from other competitors spreading horribly false libel statements about "scam this and that from them" not true at all - sadly thats the only way they even have a chance to scare you from us to even have any orders come their way and you may not see the direct conenction but we know our competitors propogate these very lies as they realize they cannot compete in quality or pricing for it so they can only try and scare customers away from us into their crappy cards. For that reason we are allowing serious customers the ability to irder Product Proof's For your Amex Based Cards to see your info on the customized card proing out ability to do so and quality so you can place the final order minus fees paid here.  


Many thanks! 

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