Q: Are my payments secure?

A: Yes, we offer PayPal as a payment option which guarantees your order security and fulfillment.

Q: Can I receive a discount on my order? 

A: Yes there are three ways to save on your order  

1) Are you already using a metal card from another supplier? If so, make the switch to us and save $100 on your order! We encourage those who believe in our product's quality but have already purchased a card elsewhere to make the switch to ReplicaBlack. Simply show us a photo of your current metal card and we will apply the discount to your order.1
 **Offer only available on Centurionn models**

2) By selecting to pay via Bitcoin (Coinbase) upon checkout you will save $50 off your order.  
3) You can save 10% when you bring a friend to order as well.  Send them a recruitment email from the Recruit A Friend link in your account page. They will be emailed a 10% discount code, and once they place their order you will be mailed yours. This can be in addition to the $50 Bitcoin savings. 


Q: I’m worried about providing my card information, should I be concerned?

A: We are in the business of making replica cards that our customers love - NOT stealing information. This is a very unique business offering a very unique product, and this system must operate around trust.

You must realize for us to be able to produce a functional replica for you, you will have to disclose card information to us. There is simply no other way to produce working replicas. However if you are still concerned, remember that you can always send in a debt/pre-paid card with no money on it. We do not store any card information (unless instructed by you to do so for issuing future card updates) after we have made your replica – we have it only for the time needed to make your black card.  

Q: What card information may be customized? 

A: Everything on the card so long as we verify your total ownership to that information.

Q: What is this card made of? 

A: The card is made from solid metal just like the real card – The feeling of the card’s quality construction is amazing. Don’t be fooled with cheap plastic replicas that can be easily spotted!


Q: What is the size of the card?

A: The cards are the standard card size - 85/54mm.

Q: Does this card have a working magnetic strip/swipe? 

A: Yes. It has a blank HiCo strip.

Q: How long will it take to receive my card? 

A: All cards are hand-crafted specifically for the buyer. This process takes only 1-2 days from the itme you place your order. Once your card is made it will arive in the mail within 2-3 days (U.S.) or 5-10 days (International). 
However, overnight services and faster international shipping is avalable by request. 


Q: I want to save $50 by paying with Bitcoin but am worried about my order security with this payment type, what can be done about this?

A: If you are worried about this payment type / wanting to make sure we are legitimate and can produce your custom card, we offer pre-purchase proof for you. Simply send us a photo of the card you are wanting to transform into a black card, then we will make the card and send you photo confirmation as proof before you have to pay. Once you have seen the card and are happy, send the payment and we will finish up the order. Remember, our business revolves around making our customers happy.


Q: Where do I send my card to? 

A: Once you have checked out and ordered your card through the website, you will be automatically emailed a confirmation email with all the instructions needed to proceed with sending your card in. 

Please Note: No discounts discussed above apply if we are having a sale on an item.

Please Note: there is no swapping of card types and replica types! That means we cannot produce an amex from a visa, or a visa from an amex! Please think about it for a moment if you do not understand. The numeric design is completely different (main number digits, front code format, everything is different) !!

We can produce the cards as follows:

From an Amex From a Visa
Centurionn Personal Black Card
Centurionn Business Palladium (coming soon)



Disclaimer: We only work with cards and content that YOU own. We will not alter any information otherwise.

Footnotes/ Further Explanations Referenced above:
1 For this discount to be issued:  Note other forms of documentation are NOT accepted for this $100 savings coupon for changing replica providers to be issued. You MUST Be Able To Provide a PHOTO of your Current METAL Replica BEARING YOUR NAME ON IT TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THIS DISCOUNT .   This only applys to Centurionn Card models (Amex) and is never granted for owning a PLASTIC replica. ONLY APPLICABLE FOR THOSE SWAPING METAL REPLICA MAKERS / HAVE A METAL REPLICA CARD PURCHASED ELSEWHERE THEY CAN PROVIDE PROOF TO US OF AS OUTLINED FOR THIS DISCOUNT TO APPLY.

  • Additonal documentation such as receipts of payment to the other replica maker etc are appreciated alongside your photograph -  though theexisting Metal Replica card Photograph Bearing Your Name  is the determining factor for allowing us to grant this discount type.