How it works

Please remember just because we mention that you can use a prepaid amex card, this does not mean that it is the only way this can work! Most of our customers use their real amex cards for this service, not prepaid cards.  We only mention the prepaid amex option for people who don’t have the means to get a real amex, for them a prepaid amex will still work for making the replica. This simply means that anyone can get a replica made regardless of if you have an amex or not already. If you don't you can get the prepaid card which requires No approval! 

 You can use your regular Amex! And again, this is in fact the preferred way of doing this!   -   We have added this note as their seems to be some confusion about that.


For those wanting the fully functional cards ready to go right when you recieve them:

1)     If you don’t have an amex already - You can easily apply for a prepaid debt card. We recommend this card Here , or this card Here  - However, we advise using a normal amex if you have one.

2)     Purchase one of our cards.

3)     Mail in your Amex or prepaid Amex card to us. 

  • Upon checkout you will be emailed the address / instructions for mailing your card to us.
    Also remember a prepaid card can be sent with nothing on it if that is for some reason a concern for you.

4)     We mail you your new working novelty card and original card. 


Though this page describes the process by mentioning Amex cards, the process is identical for Visas!

Style Ideas


Base your novelty card design from a variety of types! 



Please Note: There is no swapping of card types with the replica type (Amex must be made into an Amex and Visa into a Visa)! That means we cannot produce an amex from a visa, or a visa from an amex! Please think about it for a moment if you do not understand. The numeric design between the two is completely different and incompatible to make one from another (The number and grouping of main card numbers, front code formats, everything is different)!!

We can produce the cards as follows:

From an Amex From a Visa
Centurionn Personal VBLACK
Centurionn Business Palladium (Future Release)